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Hinei Ma Tov Synagogue

I need as many Messianic Rabbi's as possible to go there and comment. I am looking for people who are willing to post a sermon on the Torah reading and Liturgy every week. The more people willing to help out, the less any one person will have to do. I am hoping that everyone will only have to come up with something once every other month. This means that 9 Rabbi's are needed, minimally. The more the merrier. I hope to be able to witness to the unsaved here, as well as reach those who can't make it to a Messianic Synagogue. I pray that this works. I am sticking my neck out here. I only have a BA in Bible and Social science. I am not really qualified to post sermons necessarily. I hope to some day be able too. I do not yet have a Hebrew Font on my computer but am working on that. Any suggestions for a good free correct Hebrew font for macintosh greatly appreciated.

I also would like to have Russian translators translate the sermon and liturgy into Russian.

Other language translators are also welcomed!

Just post comment at site hineimatov.
Thanks! Todah!

(translation: how good it is for brothers to dwell in unity) This is community that professes Jesus as the Messiah.
Moderator, I hope you don't mind me psoting this here. I will have my community join yours so that you will have a free ad permanently on my profile page. Thanks! Shalom!
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