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Hello to all

WELCOME!!! I'm lauryn the mediator of this community. I hope I can inspire you and give you hope in life. I am Christian and a very open-minded one at that. I do swear and stuff. I'm not fake and you shouldnt have to be to post here either. Say anything you want. All comments are welcome. I'm not biased at all.

Yes this is a religious based community so there will be religious questions and such, but all answers are welcome.

God bless,
Lambsie @~^~
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Ah, another Christian community. :) And I already have a question. [cheeses]

You're saying you just became a Christian recently, and that you swear. Are you saying that swearing is okay [as a Christian] or that you are still trying to stop?


August 28 2002, 16:06:21 UTC 14 years ago

To be a Christian means to be Christlike, or at least that should be your Aim and I cannot imagine Christ swearing, can you?

A Christian that deliberately sins and boasts of that sin? Tssk