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christian_quest's Journal

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This is the place to be if you have questions or comments about religion. This is designed to enlighten those seeking God and those who just simply have questions. It is open to everyone and anyone. People from all walks of life and all religious affiliations are welcome.

This community is designed for open minded people who seek inspiration about life, love, and anything in general.

As mediator I plan to check everyday and help those who seek it. Although I am 19 and have just recently begun my walk with Jesus I want to provide people with information about Christ. I want to offer assitance to those who need it and want to find Jesus.

Not Christian? Ok, join to learn more about the religion or to ask questions. This community is for all. Athiests to buddhists. Feel free to join or just comment.

I hope to provide a worthwhile community for everyone.

God Bless,
Lambsie @~^~